Colored Diamonds

Those diamonds shown on picture where not my first diamonds, I have purchased about 1000 on a few years. All purchased online from many distributors from all over the world.

I Paid about 0.50 cents for each stone, it was a big 10Cts lot of colored diamonds, all came from a wholesaler from India.

I have used international money transfer to pay for. That wholesaler, on that time was able to accept, PayPal, Western Union, WireTransfer, and some other.

Most people don't know that diamonds can be very inexpensive if purchased direct from the cutters.

The key to make money on this market, online on Ebay or direct on a jwellery, is to have good wholesaler providing you all the best diamonds at a very low price.

I have good contacts on India and Brazil, Israel is a good place to buy diamonds too but it's hard to find some one that accept PayPal or other online payment method.

Contact me if you need the names of those diamond wholesalers.

All the best,

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