Free Diamonds - Giveaway

I am planning to offer a Free Diamond giveaway to the readers of my Blog and to those whoo signed for the RSS updates. The rules will be announced soon.

If you want to receive diamonds and the rules, so please post your comments and feel free to receive the news from this blog.

All the best.


2.4Ct Black Diamond on eBay only US$15 auction

Hi all,
Have a look at this Black Diamond. It's a 2.4Ct stone. How much do you think I paid for it? Guess?
Paid only US$15.00 on eBay. A bargain. I sold the stone for US$480 for a friend of mine, the guy made a ring and placed an auction on another website and the ring was sold for US$1500. Check the other pics:


Gold-plated Apple iPhone

GoldStriker, a firm that specializes in 24ct gold plating famous for the gold-plated iPod and cellphones. The news comes from the 8GB iPhone full gold. No price or availability is known.
If Gold-Plated Macbook is not enought, so try a gold-plated Apple iPhone.

Nokia N95 - 18 Carat Gold with 325 diamonds

From Amosu:

This exclusive limited edition diamond Nokia N95 8GB is the first of its kind in the world.The N95 is 18 carat solid white gold with 325 diamonds, with a total diamond weight of 3.30 carats, Grade VS, Colour E-F.

Only 10 of these diamond Nokia N95 will be made in the world, each with numbering from 1-10. Each phone is made to the customer’s requirement and is uniquely different either by colour of diamonds or a choice of solid classic gold or white gold. This is truly an exclusive and impressive luxury phone piece.

The phone also comes with:-1 year free International concierge service.Your phone will have a unique limited edition number from 1-10 Personalise with your name or initials.1 year free mobile Personal address book security & backup!
For features on the Nokia N95 click N95.

The diamond Nokia N95 can also been seen & bought at London most exclusive jewellery store, Flawless & Co. 105 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1SX. United Kingdom.